(4.17) College of Music Faculty Travel and Funding

All faculty travel (college funded, grant funded, and unfunded) must be requested using the online travel request form. Tenured or tenure-earning faculty and full time lecturers employed in the College of Music are eligible to apply for College of Music faculty travel funding. The travel fund assists faculty with travel expenses incurred while attending significant conferences or while presenting performances, clinics and scholarly papers at important academic meetings, gatherings of learned societies, or festivals. Funds can also provide support for faculty serving as an officer of regional, national or international organizations or for official College business.

Please note the following guidelines:

  • UNT faculty travel funding may not exceed actual expenses less external funding. Total funding may not exceed the actual cost. 
  • Faculty that are attending without presenting are not eligible to receive Provost supplemental travel funding. Faculty who are presenting will automatically be considered for supplemental funding if it is available.
  • The College of Music typically is only able to provide funding for one trip per faculty member each academic year. Additional requests may be considered on a case-by-case basis as funding permits.
  • Applications for funding may be requested on an ongoing basis throughout the year, though funding requests should be made with as much advance notice as possible.
  • For funded travel, faculty must work with the college budget office to complete the Travel Budget Authorization (TBA) form prior to travel and also within 30 days of your return to process travel reimbursements.

College of Music Student Travel and Funding

The College of Music offers Travel/Performance Scholarships to students participating in significant competitions, conference presentations, or performances. Students must have the support of their principal instructor and division chair in order to qualify for funding. Normally, some division level funding will be expected as a means of demonstrating an appropriate level of support for the student’s project. A completed Student Travel/Performance Scholarship Request form must be filed with the College of Music Scholarship Officer in order for student requests to be considered. Any funds authorized become available after travel has been completed.

There are three primary sources of funding available to students needing help with the expense of travel for performances, competitions, and conferences. Complete funding of all travel expenses cannot be guaranteed. For all funding from areas or the College, a Student Travel/Performance Scholarship Request form must be completed so that the expenditure can be accurate